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885 Jarvis Rd
Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
United States


Pasture Raised Pork in the Monterey Bay Area. Mountain Whale Ranch provides the highest quality pasture raised pork. Also forest raised in the best pastureland in the Santa Cruz Mountains.




New, New, New! 2014

Daniel Maxfield

Spring has sprung—old news but hey... it's means more than just longer days to us ranchers and farmers. It's the new growth, the birth of new lives and the bursting forth of energy that reaches in phototrophic praise of the sun!

For us at MTN WHALE we are pleased to be emerging onto the micro ranch scene that concentrates on the best of the best. Land and animal stewardship, tasty protein in porky forms that is nothing but nutritious, delicious and a delight to share with you and yours!

The positive process is what we are all about, and part of that is going whole hog... big brand and brilliant little website. With many thanks to Matt Farrar of Ignition Designs, the ranch has both and it's all here to stay... at least that's what he says, cause he's hanging his hat on our cause. He's a trusted designer and marketeer for the local folks like us and has a love as well as experience in farming along with chef experience to back it up.

Hats off to all of you and the next few seasons that will be yet another brilliant trip around the sun.

See you soon!