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885 Jarvis Rd
Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
United States


Pasture Raised Pork in the Monterey Bay Area. Mountain Whale Ranch provides the highest quality pasture raised pork. Also forest raised in the best pastureland in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


What is the MWR Collective and who is it for?

The MWR Collective is about bringing people and pork together. This is a network of local eaters who are looking for the best product and practices.

The way this works is that you and your friends and/or family come to the ranch and pick out a pig to purchase.  MWR will then raise you pig on our ranch. When harvest time comes, MWR will conduct  a proper farm slaughter. 

This meat does not go through a USDA facility. This meat belongs to you and can not be re-sold.

What does it cost?

This all depends on what your needs are but you should expect to spend between $600 and $1,200 for a whole animal. This does not include delivery or butchering.

We will deliver to Los Gatos Meats for free if you choose to use them or elsewhere for a modest fee.  

Please e-mail us for availability 

Half and whole carcasses to home butcher ///  e-mail  about cost and delivery

Half and whole carcasses to restaurants /// e-mail  about wholesale cost