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885 Jarvis Rd
Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
United States


Pasture Raised Pork in the Monterey Bay Area. Mountain Whale Ranch provides the highest quality pasture raised pork. Also forest raised in the best pastureland in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Where can I buy your products

We mostly sell half and whole animals to restaurants and serious home butchers. These animals go through a USDA inspected slaughter facility.

We also have a small meat CSA under our own label that we provide for once a month. These animals and product go through a USDA inspected slaughter and cut and wrap facility.

We also have a collective where we can sell you an animal and raise it for you. This is usually someone who wants to be involved in the animal’s life. This is for the customer that wants total control and transparency and involves a proper farm slaughter. This meat already belongs to the customer and is for their use and not to be resold. See the collective page for more information