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885 Jarvis Rd
Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
United States


Pasture Raised Pork in the Monterey Bay Area. Mountain Whale Ranch provides the highest quality pasture raised pork. Also forest raised in the best pastureland in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Meet the Rancher

I grew up in a small farming community in the mountains of Northern Utah. Our family worked together to raise pigs and tend to our vegetable gardens. I eventually left Utah and tried my hand at different jobs until I landed one that allowed me to express my creativity. That ended seven years ago when I was laid off from a great job that I had for a long time. It turns out I was ready for something different and was open to the right “opportunity.” For years I had watched the urban/micro farm movement develop and I knew just what I was going to do. Instead of looking for another conventional job, I started volunteering on a small farm. At the time, Love Apple Farms was about a half-acre garden and was doing traditional yet forward thinking things. It was really just a small scale garden with a few workshops and a local secret. After about a year at Love Apple, I joined Cynthia Sandberg as a co-owner and operator. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, interns, and apprentices Love Apple Farms evolved from a hobby garden with a few workshops and small tomato sale to the world class school and farm it is today.